Data Center

Data Center
  • iKen offers a holistic approach to secure your data centers, which takes into account all the risks, threats and countermeasures, from their design to their operation.

We support you in improving the safety and security of your data centers, throughout their life cycle:

  • Security audit of your sites and recommendations for optimization.
  • Determination of the architectural and containment choices to be made.
  • Installation of new equipment to improve safety and security.
  • Risk management: human and hardware flows.
  • Definition of operating processes and methods specific to safety and security.
  • Operations management: key performance indicators (KPIs), traceability and logging of events to analyze anomalies and handle incidents.

Our expert engineers advise you and help you implement solutions to protect your data centers against intentional and malicious acts and events:

  • Management and control of access to the data center.
  • Passive or active perimeter protection.
  • Remote surveillance and video surveillance.
  • Measures to guarantee the cyber security of your equipment.